Brighter Days…The Black Travel Movement!

There’s so much I wish I could share to help my readers understand why traveling has become so huge to me, and for that matter so many young black professionals.  Some are interested in the luxury it affords, the statement of arrival and upward mobility it creates, and the share ambition of affording traveling across the globe and connecting with people and places you could only dream of.

While I’m here for all of that,  I’m very critical of the following while traveling black as its not my travel personality. While everyone has a different travel style or personality I’m very conscious of promoting travel that is respectful of the local population and promotes not being wasteful.

  1. Popping bottles in pics with gorgeous views and foreign cars.
  2. Dress to the nines in some really nice suit in an underdeveloped country.
  3. Taking pics with locals as backdrops.
  4. Posing in a very staged photo of some very interesting and convenient background already seen in a hundred other photos on social media.
  5. Telling people why they should do what I’m doing as far as traveling is concerned.

I travel because it’s a way of staying sane. I deal with anxiety and depression and find that when I travel I get an extra boost of confidence that helps me cope better. Traveling literally teaches me that I’ll be okay because I’m physically in a situation that can be stressful and I’m handling it well enough. Being in a foreign country and navigating another culture is scary to many people and for some reason when it comes to that aspect I tend to be more optimistic. So I travel to places that may typically scare friends and while I’m there I seek out opportunities to connect with locals who are on the ground doing good work in their communities and I share my experiences in my blogs.

So traveling for me is all about inspiration for life! It’s not about flossing or stunting. That’s not a mission of mines as founder and creator of Nomade En Noir, LLC. I completely support this social epidemic we call The Black Travel Movement and in it realize there’s space for all of us to shine bright. A few of my favorite folks to follow on Instagram:

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  9. Melanin Majority (Community)
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The Black Travel Movement represents a generational shift in showing black travelers who are just as interested in travel as their white counterparts. The movement acknowledges that as people of color we fit in spaces differently and so our travel experiences can’t be generalized in the same way. In particular to this discovery, I plan on sharing some of my travels in blogs and vlogs and will be home in St. Croix starting my YouTube series for Nomade En Noir rediscovering my homeland and culture.


Join me as I take you to what I consider to be my first home, even I’m amazed about what my tiny island has to offer visitors. Remember at the end of the day. Nomade En Noir and the phrase Daring to find Yourself  is about inspiration for dealing with life.