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Show Me the Real-Deal Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Our arrival to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe was smooth, but the close connection in Johannesburg was a bit overwhelming. My bags were not checked all the way through from Cape Town and I had to claim and recheck my bags before boarding for Bulawayo. It was interesting to know that British Airways did not have the proper […]

Show Me The Real-Deal Cape Town, South Africa

The real Cape Town is quite possibly too real for me. Don’t get me wrong, Cape Town was a dope destination and one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve seen outside the Caribbean. I have never visited a city so divided between the have and have nots and the face of disparity showed itself […]

Show Me the Real-Deal Johannesburg, South Africa

“Welcome home my brother,” the immigration official said to me after asking had I been to Africa before. I had been planning this trip in my mind for a long time and it became a reality this past Christmas break. Dear God, I finally made it to South Africa and the Motherland!  Almost 12 years […]

Ying & Yang and Wine

I walked from the Brooklyn Hotel for about 10 minutes and took in a familiar yet unfamiliar Brooklyn. The streets look the same, but the make up of the residents walking the streets are more diverse and the trendy cafés offering brunch and mimosas is a sign that gentrification is here to stay. Whether your […]

China, Three in One

I chose to visit China for my birthday and invited my good friend and fraternity brother Kenyatta to join me. I’ve known him for a little over a decade and he’s just as much a nomad as me. However, neither of us were mentally prepared for the chaotic nature of executing our three in one […]

Why I’m Not Afraid of Traveling Alone

I left my home of St. Croix for New York City at the age fifteen and decided on my own that I needed to leave my homeland. My mother rarely spoke with my father in a co-parenting fashion, but she said I should talk to him and let him know of my plans. They both […]