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Guadeloupe, An Unexpected Surprise!

As I continue this journey of self-discovery I’ve become particularly interested in my Creole heritage. The fact that my mother is St. Lucian never really mattered to me as much until I went to Paris, France and Montreal, Quebec in my early twenties and realized although I couldn’t speak French fluently I could understand a […]

Being Nomadic Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Rooted!

Ever since studying abroad in college, I’ve been moving around. At times it’s been for school or work, sometimes it’s been for a relationship (insert slap your forehead emoji), and more recently its now for my journey of self-discovery. Be very clear, self-discovery can take place in your own backyard and people tend to know […]

Brighter Days…The Black Travel Movement!

There’s so much I wish I could share to help my readers understand why traveling has become so huge to me, and for that matter so many young black professionals.  Some are interested in the luxury it affords, the statement of arrival and upward mobility it creates, and the share ambition of affording traveling across […]

A Lesson In Being Resilient, Post Hurricane Maria

Recently I wrote a post on A Lesson in Daring to Find Yourself, but I have to follow that up with a post on A Lesson in Being Resilient, Post Hurricane Maria. While writing my last post I was preparing for Hurricane Maria to make landfall. The second category five hurricane to damage St. Croix […]

A Lesson in Daring to Find Yourself!

September made a whole year I’ve been blogging as founder and creator of Nomad en Noir, LLC. The idea was personal and thought provoking. I wanted to be of good to more communities globally and give back and inspire traveling to destinations that help me feel better about myself, culture and history within the African […]

Fast Travel in Nairobi, Kenya

In my last blog post, “Less than 48 hours in Mombasa, Kenya” I introduced this concept of fast travel vs. slow travel, but I wanted to elaborate here to help you understand why it works for certain trips. By now you may have gathered that I had 6 nights total in Kenya, but I lost […]

Less Than 48 Hours in Mombasa, Kenya

We arrived in Mombasa on a Friday afternoon after two nights at Maji Motto and being immersed in the Kenyan wilderness.  Mombasa gave a completely different experience as was expected, but it had more to do with the make up of the people, blended cultures, history and its proximity to the coast.  The hope wasn’t […]

Maji Motto Eco Lodge, Kenyan-Maasai-Owned

My stay at the  Maji Motto Eco Lodge was the first experience on my Kenya trip (arrival clip). Sankale Ntutu, a Maasai Chief, and respected leader and elder in his community created the lodge and business. Maji Motto is not a retreat for the person who needs modern day comforts 24/7. You are completely disconnected […]