About Nomade En Noir

Welcome to Nomade En Noir (Nomad In Black) where the journey back to you is possible. This literary travel, lifestyle, food, style and entrepreneurs blog will help you envision traveling to some of the most exotic and underrated destinations while giving you insight into why you matter. This space was created to support black travel destinations and support black businesses and entrepreneurs; focusing on the poorer countries that may benefit from tourism and the small start up companies who need a platform.  As dialogue about race relations continue to move into the 21st century, we are caught at a crossroad in which we must decide what best serves our communities. 

By becoming a Nomade En Noir you are making a conscious decision to help black destinations  and black businesses thrive. Because of the personal nature of what we are asking you to consider, we hope you are comfortable sharing your experiences with the Nomade En Noir community through our various platforms.


About Me Pic 1About Me–Founder of Nomade En Noir

Joseph was born on the island of St. Croix, USVI, for as long as I could remember I have envisioned a life of travel. Travel has been a part of my family’s legacy for ages. My mother was born and raised on the island of St. Lucia and I was born and raised on the island of St. Croix, USVI. As for so many black men and women we find ourselves constantly moving in search of success. As we move, we leave behind our homelands and communities in search of wealth and education and for some of us the opportunity to return to those countries and communities that were once home become fewer and fewer as we begin expanding our horizons.  Therein lies the opportunity, how do I grow and not loose sight of  what matters? How do I grow inwardly and find strength from within? I came up with this idea of creating a blog after visiting Haiti in the summer of 2016 and seeing how grateful many local business owners were for receiving the support, although small, it went a long way in their eyes. It never dawned on me how much I didn’t know or do to support my community. I came back from Haiti to another murder of a black man in America and between these two experiences Nomad en Noir was created. So when I say daring to find yourself; I’m purposely using the phrase to say I will retrace my steps and find out more about my history and the histories of places that are a part of the African Diaspora and I encourage you to do the same.

After years of living in the United States and traveling to Europe, I think it is time to start the journey back to myself. Not just my island or my mother’s island, but all the places where people look like me and have a lived and shared experience similar to mines.  I also want to find the places surrounded by peace and nature, the kind of places that I don’t see advertised on media outlets, subway posters, and television commercials.

So, journey with me as I take you to foreign lands and outdoor trails that aren’t your typical vacation spots. Let’s journey within the borders of America and find those hangout spots that are historically important and significant.  In addition i’ll be highlighting black businesses, culture, and style. All while daring you to find yourself, live more authentically, and inspire minds along the way.