A Moment of Brotherhood

Inspired by their need to push boundaries while looking for ways to show people how bowties and turbans can be a statement of ethnic unity and cultural pride, designers, Darrick of DLeak Leather Bowties and Sunny of Singh in the City, who creates fashionable turbans and their creative director and make up artist Marsh choose to use their powers and passion for a bold statement in style and brotherhood. Like many organic business ventures, the three met at an event and shared their contact information and let synergy take care of the rest. The presence of something special had been formed and a week later they decided on doing a photo shoot on an epic scale. The goal of the shoot was simple: show men of color from different races and ethnicities coming together for the purpose of turning fashion and style into a conversation about brotherhood. The most important message the three wanted for people to take away was that love for thy brother was possible and necessary given the current state of affairs in America.


As Marsh puts it, “Individual concepts of race, religion, and politics are spreading and dividing people and we felt the need to make a statement through fashion. Especially after the mass shooting that took place in Orlando, FL by a man who was Muslim and instantly labeled a terrorist.” This unfortunate event had only happened a few days before they met, but they were moved enough to speak about its affect on perceptions about Muslim Americans. The end product was an impressive and creative epiphany that came weeks before the shooting of two black men by police. The shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile happened days after the shoot and while the country began protesting and sending out hashtags of #blacklivesmatter, Darrick, Sunny, and Marsh were thinking to themselves how ironic that they were having conversations through their creative project that spoke for the need for unity weeks before the shootings. The issue of people being closed minded and scared rang through their shoot. In solidarity the men in the shoot give off the impression of wanting to be brave and proud and it shows clearly. In fact, Darrick shares many people watching the five models walk through the city were interested and began taking photos on their phone. In the end, as Sunny put it, “Its like we tapped into a moment and people recognized it and respected it for being what it was. A moment of brotherhood!”


Interested in finding out more about the team and working with them.

Darrick: @deeworldsbest and inquiries@dleakleatherbowties.com

Sunny: @singhinthecity and singh@singhinthecity.com

Marsh: @bellisima81 and bellisima81@gmail.com

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